5 Effective Social Media Platforms for your Business

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Social Media Platforms have become the indispensable part of everyone’s life. Either it’s prying neighboring ladies who always intrude into others life or it is a kid who just stops crying after getting enticed by a YouTube video; everyone just spends hours on social media platforms.

 Social Media mostly helps your customers to engage in your product or service on a worldwide basis. It represents your brand in the market and most probably you can generate higher leads through social media platforms. There are 5 different Social Media platforms which helps your business to grow through digital marketing.


 Facebook had 2.27 billion monthly active users during the third quarter of last year, looks like how people spend most of their prime time with Facebook. Facebook campaigns have mostly outdone its conversions and lead generations. Facebook ads are most common to collect leads with bid rate below $1. On Facebook, mostly ad costs are measured in cost per click (CPC) or cost per thousand impressions (CPM).

You can do many things with Facebook, create your business page so that you can gain popularity, boost app downloads, boost sales, increase video views, bring direct traffic to the platform, and create events.


Social Media Platforms like Instagram is the most visually attractive platform for most of the users. By its image and video appearance, it engages more than a thousand users to a single post. Instagram involves advertising which reaches to the custom audiences. Select your bid rate which is the same as Facebook, hashtag works as the king to your post mostly. Just make your every post captivating for bringing new visitors to your site.


 In the current trend of following, Twitter connects a wide range of people across the web by plenty of followers. It provokes individuals and businesses to interact online and share services for ensuring mutually productive relationships. Get followers of your stream, retweet posts to communicate with them. CPM on Tweeter costs up to $10 while CPC costs around 30%. Try starting with a low maximum bid like $0.50 per click, and then raise it gradually if your ads are not working for this bid. It all depends upon what you are delivering and who likes your service on the different social media platforms. For engaging, just remember the basic elements to mark in your posts like CTA (Call to action), precise content and proper images.

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When it comes under the most sophisticated social media platforms LinkedIn stands at first. Individuals are more professional and have their half of the incomes via LinkedIn connections. With around 450 million members, LinkedIn is the best social media platforms to get your potential clients, employees and you can post jobs on LinkedIn. This social media platforms on average costs for CPC from $2-$7 and go as high as $11 or $12. For LinkedIn also apply some of your tricks and techniques to grow business on top like other social media platforms.


YouTube is highly recommended for your video content and is also a head start for advertising your product or service for higher brand recognition. Not everything goes viral easily on YouTube, it is just you have to run ads firstly with different bids of your video and then it would reach up to plenty of people with the clicks and views. YouTube ad runs between $.10 and $.30 (it depends upon your video quality, targeting and goals, and how it influences large audiences). There are different types of ads on YouTube such as True View (In-Stream or Discovery/In-Display) ad, Bumper ad, and Pre-rolls.

 Start working for your goals and reach heights initially with the easiest method by running a business on different Social Media Platforms.



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