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In today’s fast-pacing world, technological advances are at peak. People should know how to use, the most powerful tool, Social Media, to their advantage.
Tired of searching social media hacks and tricks? Here, are top Social media hacks you must know to grow your business.

(1) Find Influencers:-

To grow our brand, we need to find some micro-influencers. So, find people who may have
an interest in your brand or people who are working in your field of interest. Tell them about
your unique idea and convince them. These people have a strong following and it will help
grow your brand.

(2) S4S :-

A technique used by businesses, widely known as share for share or shoutout for shoutout.
Here, people will share your brand with its customers on the relevant platform using the
agreed hashtag and information. As a result, you share their brand with your customers in a
similar manner. But, beware of the brand you choose. You only want legit customers. This
is an easy trick to quickly grow your brand.

(3) Repeat Tweets:-

social media

Now, many of you would criticize this or find it a little discouraging. But, after analyzing
which tweet reached a greater audience, you should retweet it. This helps you to reach a wider audience. Do not repeat all the tweets mindlessly, otherwise, you will give your brand a clumsy image. Be smart, analyze and then repeat the tweets.

(4) Use “If this, then that”:-

The use of “If this, then that” (IFTTT) technique. This tool will connect all your social media platforms, blogs and apps to create time-saving tasks. For example: If you change your profile photo on Facebook, it will automatically change on Twitter.

(5) Fool Twitter:-

This is a hack you must try. Get around the 140 characters limit on Twitter. You can exceed
the limit. Here’s a hack, Send a tweet as you normally do. Then, reply to your own tweet
without mentioning @ yourself. Do not mention yourself so it doesn’t look like you are
talking to yourself. This will help your audience stay on your page. It will retain their interest
and they will also read the long tweets.

(6) Optimize your images:-

Every platform has a different image resolution. Software and online editing tools like Canva helps you to resize the same image according to different social media platforms. This helps in saving your time and efforts. This will help you to advertise your brand on all social media platforms and it will help you to reach your audience more efficiently.

(7) Increase LinkedIn followers:-

LinkedIn is a platform where anyone would find their target audience. All you need to do is
repost your content on LinkedIn every day. Some Days, it would reach to a greater niche and
on the others, it would be barely read. But, this really helps you grow your number of followers on media hacks

So, that’s a wrap people. There are a lot of hacks you will find but won’t it get confusing when you are given with a list of top 50 hacks or more? So, here are easiest and effective hacks for you to try now!

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